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facility such as a tertiary care medical facility such as walter re d or bethesda or san diego or brooke army in texas or a va medical center, that time of injury to time of immediate vak was 45 to 60 days. ladies and gentlemen, today if you are a warrior and you are blown up or griefously injured, on average from the time you are grievously injured to the time you arrive in my icu in bethesda is 3 days. that capability is provided to us by on screen care with unparalleled first responder action that can save the live, tourniquet therapy, clotting agents, understanding, robust immediatevac capibility, and then a continuing continuum to germany and back to the states in the c130's, the flying icu's which the air force has, which you are safer in the air at 30,000 feet than you are in 90 percent of the icu's in this country. they do not lose patients over the atlantic. they do not lose patients over the pacific and, remember, they transport them within days, days, of them being critically injured. the patient will wake up for the first time in a hospital in the states. that is often th
across the d.c. area began celebrating the redskins big win. early this morning, area sports stores began unpacking shipments of brand new nfc east champion merchandise. in bethesda they had t-shirts hats, and tennis. store managers tell us they had several calls from eager redskins fans before they even open this morning. the team has been on its winning streak the burgundy and gold apparel has been flying off store shelves. folks have had no problem showing their pride and shelling out money to do so. at this t-shirt-printing company in lanham, maryland, the t- shirts are coming right off the presses. these went into printing early this morning. the artwork was finished saturday night before the game was over. after last night's victory employees quickly went to work to get the shirts printed and shipped out. these t-shirts is licensed by the nfl players association./ it features recorded vaccination robert griffin but also highlights several other players including fletcher evan moss moss, and morris. >> r.g. iii would say it's about the team. he would probably like this shirt. >> thes
stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. light traffic volume on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. >>> d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is fighting for the district's respect. she is pushing for a provision to the 2013 defense authorization bill. it would require the armed forces to display d.c.'s flags and the flags of the five territories whenever the flag of the 50 states are displayed. the congresswoman says that she never wants anyone in the military to feel singled out after serving for their nation. congress woman says, as american citizens, we should expect no less since we are a part of the american family. and all of our flags should be recognized. >>> in d.c. politics, there is no time to waste when it comes to campaign finance reform. that is according to councilmember mary cheh. she is trying to push through emergency legislation to help prevent campaign fraud. but as matt ackland explains, the council chairwoman is not fully on board. >> reporter: after a year of campaign investi
. coming up in my next report, i'll also explain a situation going on in bethesda on the beltway at 6:18. back to you guys. >>> thursday morning cool schools time is here. we this morning are learning what science tastes like. the students in d.c. did their lab work on location. they went to a place where molecules and a master chef made for a tasty lesson. >> reporter: love the taste of hot peppers but not the heat? a little chemistry in the kitchen with make that happen. this gadget is called a roto evaporator. >> basically what we're doing is we have lady bug peppers so we're extracting all the flavor without the heat. >> reporter: chef rj not only knows how to tempt the taste buds. >> try that. sour. super sour, right? >> reporter: he and his team know the science behind it, too, and they're sharing their knowledge with fifth graders from two rivers charter school in d.c. >> do you have to use chem stray in cooking? >> reporter: yes. they're on a chemistry expedition and they came armed with questions. >> what does freezing food do to the at toms and molecules which cause it to ge
and harnd hagerstown. baltimore and gathersburg and then snow changing to rain in d.c. on south and east. look at your weekend. sunday is breezy and cold with a high of 38. >> thanks, so much. now to traffic alert. >>> a water main break is causing some problems in bethesda. let's go to tony live in that area. >> reporter: we're following a big problem on 355 southbound right by cedar lane. look right now an overnight water main break is being repaired. they have actually fixed the and now they're filling the hole back up but i got to tell you these three lanes have been reduced to one so it's causing quite the traffic backup as many people travel down 355 to bethesda and on noop wisconsin avenue. if you're headed this way, notice that you will be needing to put a little time on your commute. the latest from bethesda, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> southbound 355 at cedar lane has the left lane getting by there the water main break but not much delay on 270. causing a slowdown on 55 each way. and looking good right now on the beltway in montgomery county on the inner loop and outer lo
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)